Changing the world with the power of batteries
The new age of the Internet of Things (IoT) is approaching, with the development of high-performance electronic devices, sensors and wireless technology. As this trend accelerates, artifacts far beyond our imagination will be created and coexist with us in society.
To realize such a society, high performance batteries – which are flexible and can be designed in various shapes, yet low cost and safe – are essential. However, current lithium-ion batteries simply have an inefficient design; not only is the structure complicated, but also the manufacturing process is long and cumbersome.
Our All Polymer Battery is a next-generation lithium-ion battery that solves all of these issues.
The Next Generation Lithium-ion Battery
The basic structure of lithium-ion batteries has not changed since they were put into practical use, and issues such as the complicated manufacturing process and risks of fire have not fundamentally been resolved.
As the application of lithium-ion batteries has expanded from consumer use to automotive and large-scale stationary uses, we have redesigned the entire battery starting from the components, in pursuit of the “ideal battery.”
With a bipolar structure in which the current flows perpendicularly to the current collector, and the adoption of polymer resin as the basic material, the All Polymer Battery simultaneously realizes all of the characteristics of a high-performance battery; such as high reliability in abnormal situations, high energy density, high flexibility in shape and size, and innovative manufacturing process.
Use of polymers and a bipolar structure to solve conventional batteries’ issues
Form 3D polymer electrode by constructing multi-functional polymer interface covering active materials
Replace conventional metal current collectors with polymer-based current collectors
All Polymer Batteries can be designed in custom shapes for different applications, making use in various domains possible
Company Overview
Company Name
APB Corporation
Hideaki Horie
Head Office Location
PMO Kanda Manseibashi (3F),
1-3-9 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda, Tokyo,
October 2018
Business Area
R&D, production and sales of Li-ion batteries
Developed the concept of bipolarly structured batteries using polymer electrolytes
Structured basic concept of future battery and materials based on ions in electrolytes and flow of electrons
Initiated R&D of polymer current collector and 3D gel polymer for electrodes with Sanyo Chemical Industries (SCI)
Completed basic R&D of All Polymer Batteries; began development of manufacturing technology
Founded APB Corporation toward mass production of All Polymer Batteries
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